Friday, 17 June 2011

Want to know how I set up my iPhone to transfer files to and from a computer?

I shall be very specific as to which software/platform I used to enable me to perform file transfer between my iPod and my PC over Wifi.  Your iPhone/iPod touch can then become the "server" and your PC the "client".

Warning: Before doing anything, make sure you must have WIFI and that both your iPhone/iPod touch is connected onto the same WIFI network.

The Server End

1.  Install "Phone Drive Lite" onto your iPhone/iPod touch, its Free!

2.  Launch "Phone Drive Lite" from your iPhone/iPod Touch.  Click the signal icon on the bottom right hand corner and you will see something similar to this:-

From the bottom of the frame, note down the FTP IP Address shown (i.e

The Client End

3. No further installation on your PC is required.  If you are using Windows XP and thus Intenet  Explorer (in my case Internet Explorer 8) and Windows Explorer (in my case Windows Explorer 5.1), you already have a perfectly capable platform to enable you to perform transfer files between you iPhone/iPod and your PC.

4.  Launch your Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

5. At the address bar of your IE8 type the FTP IP Address you noted down at step 2 above.  And then you shall see something similar to the image below.

6.  You are not ready for file transfer just yet.  On the top right hand corner you will have your command bar with a pull down menu called "Page" .  (If you do not see any pull down menu such as "Page", "Safety" "Tools" etc, you can launch it by right clicking on any of the bars on your IE8 and making sure that there is a check next to "Command Bar").  Now click "Page", right at the bottom of the menu click "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer".

7. Windows will automatically launch your Windows Explorer.  And in there you will see that "Phone Drive Lite" already has created a "Sample" folder.  This folder contains three files (MP3, JPG and a Pages file).  So if you see this, you are pretty much home dry.

8.  Tranfering files is now a matter of drag/drop or copy/paste.


Please also note the following (just as important):-
  • FTP with Chrome - DO NOT USE "GOOGLE CHROME" for FTP,  it does not yet support FTP
  • FTP with Firefox - require FTP Add-on
  • I have tested a bundle of files and they all seemed to be able to be opened/viewed/listened right from your "Phone Drive Lite" in your Apple device, such as MS Doc, PDF, JPG, MP3, MP4 and 3pg.
  • You are not accessing your itune folder, therefore you cannot transfer songs/images/movies that are from your itunes in your Apple devise.
  • I have only illustrated only ONE definitive way of going about transferring files between your Apple device and your PC.  Like all things in life, there are many ways of achieving the same result.  For example you may use HTTP instead of FTP, you may use a different iPhone App to act as server and also you may install a FTP client to perform file transfer as the client.  I shall go into these later in my other blog.
  • Your Firewall/Antivirus may need some tweaking, but if you do run into any such problem, do drop me a note.
  • In this lite version, user can only store up to 10 files.

    Now go impress your friends with your new found power.

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